The Luxurious Beard

The Luxurious Beard line consists of products that are suitable for any beard type.

  • Beard Oil - unique mixture of natural oils high in Vitamins A & E  for a strong, healthy and rich beard. 
  • Beard Butter - our most versatile product, it's rich in natural butters Shea, Cocoa and Mango for all around nourishment, medium shine and control. 
  • Beard Balm - perfect blend of Beeswax, Butters, and Oils for healthy shine and stronger control. 

Available Scents:

  • Unscented - Bare aroma of pure and natural ingredients 
  • Spring - Cool and Crisp blend of Lavender, Florals, Pine and Citrus
  • SummerRefreshing and Exotic blend of Blood Orange Peach  
  • Autumn - Woody and Rich blend of Sandalwood Cedarwood
  • Winter - Warm and Spicy Bay Rum blend
  • Signature -  Invigorating blend of Tobacco Vanilla with a dash of Spice


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